Rapid Shut Down System
Designed with Safety in Mind

Fireman’s Switch

Module Disconnect


Service Switch

FireSec is an innovative safety concept for first responders and maintenance personnel. It has been designed to be in full compliance with the 2017 NEC Section 690.12 Rapid Shutdown Systems (RSS) requirements.

FireSec disconnects solar panels at the module level, runs nightly performance tests and has built in special features that guarantee a safe roof environment.

FireSec is more than just a disconnect switch. It is an intelligent, multilayered system, beyond disconnecting and preventing leather voltage exposure, FireSec is also a communication devise for first responders and maintenance personnel. Strategically placed green indicator “GO” lights communicate that it is safe to access the roof.



  • If necessary or in an emergency, the FireSec system quickly and safely isolates the PV installation from the dangerous voltage supply
  • FireSec makes it possible for fire crews and emergency responders to tackle fires in buildings with solar power systems and renders them safe for maintenance work
  • FireSec enables both Automatic and manual control
  • The closed-circuit principle (an electric circuit providing an uninterrupted, endless path for the flow of current) guarantees tripping in extreme cases
  • The compact high-capacity relays are easy to install or retrofit into existing systems
  • The design and switching principle minimizes power losses in power production mode
  • Nightly activation and self-check verifies and guarantees the mechanical functioning of the relays. If the CCU detects a problem with the relay or any other electrical problem it will stay shut off and the service personnel can be notified immediately
  • FireSec provides a valuable and cost effective safety feature that can be customized for operation with all solar module installations

Service and Maintenance Feature

  • The FireSec central control unit also can be set into service mode. By turning the key in the CCU the system will shut off and provide a safe environment for service workers to operate.
  • The CCU is programmed to self-check every evening. At night and when power generation is no longer taking place, the system will switch into self-analyzing mode. The system checks the correct mechanical function for each relay as well as the entire system. The mechanical function of the circuit is thus checked and guaranteed on a daily basis.

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