Commercial Flat Roof
Designed with Safety in Mind

Reduce Weight


Remove Snow Automatically

Increase Production

HAIN snow melting technology for solar panels. Designed for flat roofs but adoptable for large scale industrial use.

HAIN reduces the structural load on the building while at the same time increases the solar production during winter months.

HAIN is fully automated so no need for costly and dangerous manual snow removal.

HAIN reduces weight caused by snow, a big concern for commercial flat roof projects equipped with solar panels.

HAIN is designed to only work in conjunction with the ALVA racking system.



The HAIN solar Reverter connects directly between the string line and the inverter.

Once the optical sensors detect a snow layer of 1cm (0.39”) on the cells, the system goes into reverse mode, thus heating the solar cells and safely melting the snow.

The first step is switching OFF the inverter followed by step two, switching ON the Reverter, and then step three heating the cells.

After the snow has melted, the Reverter will switch OFF, and then the Inverter will switch ON and start producing power again.

The power supplies needed to warm up the panels are specifically designed and adapted for solar cells and will only provide 85% of the allowed power for the heating of the solar cells, thereby staying within the panel specification.

The Reverter is controlled by an intelligent PLC configuration. These PLC’s are the heart and soul of every Reverter.

Based on the amount of snowfall and the install angle (avalanche effect) the HAIN system can melt off all the snow within 30-120 minutes and then switch back into production mode.

The system can, in most cases, easily be retrofitted for symmetrical string circuits.

When using a HAIN system for new solar projects the install angle can be optimized for the most possible power production during winter.


All necessary documents for a successful installation will be provided by KEI upon order and confirmed site survey. This includes switching-, wiring-, installation plan for the Reverter, wiring plan for sensors, BOMs and a list of suggested third party labor or products. With the provided documents, any certified electrician can install the HAIN system onsite.

We calculate and plan each project individually. By using our plans, the installation can be done by a third-party electrician, or if desired, we offer extensive product training to our clients. In either install scenario, a KEI or Eulektra technician will always do the final inspection and acceptance test. The best time estimates for retrofits are: 150kW plant about 40 man-hours; 15MW plant about 1200 man-hours; service technicians for acceptance test and final inspection 16-40 man-hours, depending on the system size. Each system has LAN Remote capability and can be monitored and controlled by our technicians.
For new photovoltaic projects with the HAIN system already integrated, the work flow can be optimized and the required time for the install will be substantially less.

The HAIN system will deliver the best and most economical results if the panels have a minimum tilt of 15°. At angles above 15° the HAIN system uses an avalanche effect. After the panels are starting to warm up a thin water film between panel and snow is created and the snow will start to slide down the panel. As there is no avalanche effect at low tilt angles, systems with less than 15° tilt need more time to melt and therefore consume more power to melt the snow completely off the panel.

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