Flat Roof Mounting System
Designed with Safety in Mind

Quick Modular Set Up

No Roof Perforations

Wind Tested


ALVA is the perfect racking system for your flat roof applications PV Mounting without any Risk of Roof Failure.

ALVA mounting system has been developed to make photovoltaic projects for flat roofs more economical, durable and reliable.

ALVA innovative racking system was designed without the need for roof perforating fastening methods, nor does the system require stones, gravel for ballasting.

ALVA modular racking system offers a significant reduction in weight – Just 10kg (22lbs) per square meter (10.7 sq. ft.).

Made from 100% AL6063.


ALVA the innovative, easy-to-use and money saving solution for flat roofs. No more leaking roofs and costly repairs.

The superior design allows for a more flexible and overall roof usage.

Every ALVA system is sold with a complimentary ballast calculation and roof layout.

The innovative design provides for optimal module ventilation and optimal water drainage.

ALVA is a statically optimized system, considering that aluminum expands and contracts as the temperature changes, the floating ALVA system is also flexible within itself, protecting panels against possible damage caused by rapid temperature changes.

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  • Weight-saving installation
  • No water penetration
  • Cost saving solution
  • Resistant to swirling winds
  • Closer positioning of solar modules
  • More usable roof area
  • Hurricane wind speed tested
  • No damage to the roof cladding

Technical Details

  • Mounting Tilt 15°, 20° (exceptions: 25°)
  • Inter Row Space 650mm with mounting tilt 15°, 20° and 25°
  • 25-year warranty
  • TUV certified, conforms to UL 2703, IEC 61216
  • Fire tested according to UL 1703
  • Patent pending

Hurricane Wind Tested

The ALVA system was officially tested at hurricane wind speeds inside a wind tunnel by Deutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH. The original report (in German language) can be viewed here.

How the ALVA System Works

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