About KEI

KEI, your source for unique, innovative, high quality photovoltaic products

KEI specializes in bringing the best of Germany’s solar technology to the United States

KEI is the perfect partner for photo voltaic companies, resellers and distributors

KEI offers complete & comprehensive solutions and benefits, not just products

Within the rapidly evolving solar industry, it is essential to forecast the changing needs and concerns of Photovoltaic system owners and installers. KEI Solar has met this challenge and is at the forefront of introducing new and exciting products to the marketplace. With our team of engineers and partners in both North America and Europe, KEI Solar has introduced products that make installation easier, safer and increase overall production while fully complying with UL and CSA requirements and guidelines. KEI Solar is excited to work and build strong, long-lasting relationships with every customer while bringing the most innovative, acclaimed and dependable solar products available for today and tomorrow.

Newly introduced NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown System (RSS) requirements, production losses due to snow covered panels and costly roof repair bills because of photo voltaic install mistakes…these are the challenges the solar industry is facing today. Commercial flat roofs are especially being impacted by these three critical areas. KEI has the answer to these challenges and is proud to offer real solutions for commercial photovoltaic projects.

We offer more than just products, we offer complete and comprehensive all around concepts.