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Multi-Layered Safety Concepts for Commerical Flat Roof Applications

NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown System (RSS), snow losses and roof damages resulting in water leakage. These are the challenges the solar industry is facing today. Especially commercial flat roofs are impacted by these three critical areas. KEI is proud to offer real solutions for commercial photovoltaic projects.

We offer more than just products, we offer complete and comprehensive all around concepts to meet these challenges. Please learn about each technology by clicking through the below hot spots.



A proven safety concept & rapid shut down system that disconnects panels at the module level. 2017 NEC 690.12 confirm. Up to 200 panel with one control unit. Retrofittable for almost any solar panel.



Patented aluminum solar racking system for flat roofs. Quick install, self-ballasting, no roof perpetration, light weight.



Snow melting technology, in combination with ALVA™ ideal for commercial flat roof applications. HAIN is most favored by larger industrial solar farms beyond 100 kWh.

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